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Japanese Korean Army was created in 1904.

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Q: When was Japanese Korean Army created?
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Was the Korean war part of World War 2?

Korea was taken over by Japan in 1909. Thousands of Korean men were taken by the Japanese and forced to work as laborers for the Japanese army. Many of these labored on Japanese fortifications on the Pacific islands the Japanese held. The Japanese made no effort to evacuate these men when the US attacked these islands, and the Koreans were trapped alongside the Japanese troops, who were expected to fight to the last man. Often they forced the Koreans, at gunpoint, to fight alongside them. Many Koreans realized their best hope of staying alive was to try to help the Japanese defeat the American invasion. US troops were unable to tell the difference between a Korean and a Japanese, and they usually had on the same type clothing. In most of these battles only a handful of prisoners were taken from among the defenders, and most of these were stunned, shell-shocked Koreans.Hundreds of thousands of Korean women were taken from home and forced to become "comfort women" for the Japanese army. They were forced to serve in official brothels for the relief and "comfort" of the Japanese troops. About fifteen or twenty years ago the Japanese government made a half-mumbled and wholly insincere apology to the former comfort women. These were just some of the unspeakable atrocities the Japanese routinely perpetrated during the war, which is why they are so widely hated in Asia to this day.

Did Korea fight in world war 2?

What was the name of Japanese special army that attacked Manchuria?

The Kwantung Army was stationed in China.

What is the imperial army?

the Japanese army during ww2 led by prime minister Tojo

What affect did the Battle of Midway have on the Japanese?

Many Japanese Military weapons and troops lost and greatly weaken the Japanese's army.

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When did Japanese Korean Army end?

Japanese Korean Army ended in 1945.

When was Korean People's Army created?

Korean People's Army was created on 1932-04-25.

When was Diary of Korean-Japanese War created?

Diary of Korean-Japanese War was created on 1978-01-21.

When was Japanese First Army created?

Japanese First Army was created in 1937.

When was Imperial Japanese Army created?

Imperial Japanese Army was created in 1868.

Who is better the Japanese army or the Korean army?

That would be a tough call to decide which is better. Both armies are very good. The question does not specify North or South Korean, but either would compare well with the Japanese army in terms of quality.

When was Japanese Thirteenth Area Army created?

Japanese Thirteenth Area Army was created in 1945.

When was Japanese Eighteenth Area Army created?

Japanese Eighteenth Area Army was created in 1943.

When was Japanese Seventh Area Army created?

Japanese Seventh Area Army was created in 1944.

When was Japanese China Garrison Army created?

Japanese China Garrison Army was created in 1901.

When was Japanese Eleventh Area Army created?

Japanese Eleventh Area Army was created in 1945.

When was Japanese Fourteenth Area Army created?

Japanese Fourteenth Area Army was created in 1942.