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1st Air Cav Div, Bin Dinh Province, Feb '67 thru Jan '68.

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Q: When was Operation Pershing in Vietnam?
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When did Operation Chopper - Vietnam - happen?

Operation Chopper - Vietnam - happened on 1962-01-12.

When did Operation Sunrise - Vietnam War - happen?

Operation Sea Dragon - Vietnam War - happened on 1966-10-25.

What do operation rolling thunder do in north Vietnam?

It sustained bombing in north Vietnam

What did operation rolling thunder do in north Vietnam?

It sustained bombing in north Vietnam

Name the commander of the American Expeditionary Force in Mexico?

General John J (Black Jack) Pershing headed this operation.

What operation launched on 1967 scorched south vietnam's cropland?

Operation ranch hand

What were the battles involved in the Vietnam War and who won them?

Officially, the US has won all of the major battles; historians can and will almost always argue with those "official" victories: Dak To, Lang Vei, Khe Sahn, Hue, Hamburger Hill, the A Shau Valley, Ia Drang, to name a few. Most of the battles will come under the heading of operations, such as Operation Pershing, Operation Apache Snow, Operaton Cedar Falls, Operation Lam Son 719, etc.

Was napalm used in operation thunder?

Operation Rolling thunder was an air campaign directed against NORTH Vietnam. Nape was predominately used against ground troops in SOUTH Vietnam.

What was the first Operation rolling thunder?

1965 is when the Air Campaign "Rolling Thunder" began against North Vietnam.

What is the DTC number for Pershing LLC?

Pershing LLC 0443 Pershing LLC/SL 5163 Pershing LLC/SL Int'l 5196

What are two famous air battles?

Vietnam War, air campaigns: Operation Rolling Thunder & Operation Linebacker II

What is the birth name of Steve Pershing?

Steve Pershing's birth name is Stephen Smith Pershing.