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Richard Wainwright - American Civil War naval officer - was born in 1817.

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Q: When was Richard Wainwright - American Civil War naval officer - born?
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When did Richard Wainwright - American Civil War naval officer - die?

Richard Wainwright - American Civil War naval officer - died on 1862-08-10.

Was Gideon v wainwright a civil rights or civil liberties case?


Who was Robert E. Lee and why was he import to the civil war?

Robert E. Lee, a Virginian, was a Union soldier, and engineer officer, who had worked for General Wainwright during the 1848 Mexican-American war. Lee was thinking about being in command of Union troops during the Civil War, but gave in to his emotions, and joined the Confederacy as the commander of the North Virginia troops. Lee was a brilliant tactical and logistical officer, who out-generalled the series of military morons that the Union put up against him.

What famous American was a printer scientist inventor civil servant diplomat and author of Poor Richard's almanacks?

Benjamin Franklin wrote Poor Richard's Almanac.

Where did Robert Lee fight at?

Lee fought under General Wainwright in Mexico in the Mexican-American war. Lee was very instrumental in assisting the American forces in marching to, and taking over Mexico City. Wainwright was made governer of Mexico for a short time. One of Lee's brother officers in this campaign was Ulysses Grant. The two later would be leaders on opposing sides during the US Civil War.

When did Richard Hopkins - civil servant - die?

Richard Hopkins - civil servant - died in 1955.

When was Richard Hopkins - civil servant - born?

Richard Hopkins - civil servant - was born in 1880.

What is general Pierre beauregard CSA?

General Pierre Beauregard CSA was a Louisianan-born American military officer, politician, inventor, writer, civil servant, and the first prominent general of the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War.

Who was general Charles crook?

General Charles Crook was an officer for the United States Army during the Indian Wars and the American Civil War.

Who was one of the few American writers who witnessed the Civil War firsthand?

Lew Wallace who wrote"Ben Hur" was an officer in the Union Army.

What has the author Richard W Edmonds written?

Richard W. Edmonds is known for his work as an author and historian focusing on American history and Civil War studies. He has written books such as "The Fighting Men of the Civil War" and "Yankee Autumn in Acadiana."

Did Juliette Gordon Lows father go to war?

Yes, Juliette Gordon Low's father was a soldier and an officer who participated in the US Civil War as a Confederate officer and as a Brigadier General in the Spanish American War.