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It is there because in 1967, large deposits of high grade iron-ore were found.

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Q: When was the carajas project started?
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Where is the grand carajas project?

The Carajas Project is in north-eastern Brazil , in Amazon rainforest . :)

What is the grand carajas project?

The Grand Carajas project is a very extensive conservation project to restore and protect the Brazilian Rain Forests from the people who destroy the forests for its timber.

Where is the carajas project?

The Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

When did the carajas project start?

The Carajas Project in Brazil started in the 1980s, with the first iron ore shipments taking place in 1985.

Is para involved in the grand carajas project?

yes it is

What is the great carajas project for?

It Was To Dig Ores And Stuff

How much has the grand carajas project cost?

$1.81 billion US.

What is the Grand Carajas plan?

The Grand Carajas Plan is an economic development project in Brazil aimed at promoting industrialization and infrastructure development in the Carajas region. It includes initiatives such as mining, agriculture, and transportation projects to stimulate economic growth in the area.

How long will the carajas project last?

Scinetists have predicted that it will last for around about 400 years

Why is the Carajas project bad?

because it has killed many Brazilian tribes because off meazles

How was the carajas mine started?

They came across how much deposits were there by accident and then started making the roads and clearing the forest around it

What sustainable solutions are there for the carajas project?

there isn't many this project is a way to get Brazil more money and turn them into an MEDC but for the rest of the world apart from the products.thanks Senior