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people thought World War 1 would end in a year or so

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Very stortly after it started... clearly they were wrong.

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11 November 1918. Armistice day.

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Q: When was world war 1 thought to be finished by?
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World War 1 atomic bomb?

No: Not even thought of.

When do you celebrate the end of World war 1?

On the 11th November at 11 AM as that was when it finished.

What country thought it was a mistake to participate in world war 1?


What country thought they were stabbed in the back after World War 1?


What Britain thought of World War 1?

Britain thought so much of World War I that they call it "The Great War". And there has not been a better war since. But since the great war was really a war about nothing, it really was a shabby endeavor.

Why was World War 1 called 'the geart war'?

it was thought to be the war of all wars. that there would not be any more war..............

What country thought some lands within Austria-Hungary belonged to it during World War 1?

Serbia is the country that thought some lands within Austria Hungary belonged to it during World War 1.

What happened to mehmed mehmedbasic after World War 2?

he wasn't in world war 2 I don't think I thought he died during World War 1 but he didn't fight

Whose assassination is thought to have triggered world war 1 and why?

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, which led to the outbreak of World War I ----

What was the time World War 1 finished?

World War 1 ended on November 11, 1918, at 11:00 a.m. This ceasefire was known as the Armistice of Compiègne and marked the end of the fighting on the Western Front.

Why was World War I important to World War 2?

world war 1 was important because the treaty of Versailles was made which Hitler thought was unfair...also Hitler wanted revenge

Which explains why modernism reacted against traditional art form?

modernists thought old styles contributed to the culuture that led to World War 1