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Smoking shelters were first used many years ago, but are more widely used today due to smoking bans etc.

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Q: When were smoking shelters first used?
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Where can you get shelter?

It depends on the shelters you are looking for. if you are looking for cycle shelters, smoking shelters and waiting shelters then the website in the related links is a great place.

what are the laws in allen county, ohio for a smoking shelter?

There is no law that requires smoking shelters to be provided for smokers.

When were Morrison Shelters first used?

In 2013 people eat poo

What is the purpose of a smoking shelter?

Smoking shelters are mainly found on bus stops. People waiting to get on a bus can take cover in a smoking shelter to get shade or protection from the sun or rain.

Do smoking shelters need to meet fire codes?

Smoking shelters should meet fire codes because if they start on fire, there will need to be some way to put out the fire. So they should be equipped with fire extinguishers, and flame retardant objects.

Where can the lowest priced bus shelters be found?

Bus shelters are not generally sold on an individual basis. Companies such as Wall-USA provide bus shelters to state authorities on a wholesale basis. A smoking canopy may provide a workable alternative.

Where could I purchase pre-fab smoking shelters for a pub?

You have several good options for purchasing a pre-fab smoking shelter for under $2000. You can get glass or anodized aluminum shelters, in custom or standard models, from online suppliers like,, or

What kind of regulations apply to smoking shelters?

The biggest regulation that applies pertains to the amount of enclosure of the structure. Smoking shelters for public use cannot be more than 50% closed in by walls or other boundaries. If the structure is detached from the main building, you probably don't need a building permit.

Were Morrison shelters designed for use inside or outside?

Morrison shelters were designed to be used inside your house. Anderson shelters were designed to be used outside in your garden.

What is the small ideas of shelter?

General ideas of shelter are to keep people dry in bad weather conditions. There are many types of shelters in the world today, including smoking shelters, cycle shelters, waiting shelters and more. They all serve different but similar purposes and can be useful to many businesses and individuals. You can find out more about different types of shelters by clicking on the website in the related links.

What kind of shelters did briton use in World War 2?

Morrison shelters were used inside a householders home. Anderson shelters were designed to be used in the householders garden and there were various types of public shelters which were usually underground.

What is the difference of primary smoking and secondary smoking?

The difference between primary and secondary smoking is very simple. Primary smoking is actually smoking the cigarette yourself, whereas secondary or second hand smoking is inhaling fumes of other smokers around you, whilst you are not actually smoking the cigarette. That is why the smoking ban was introduced and more and more smokers are smoking in smoking shelters. Which, not only provides shelter for them when they are smoking outside, but it also protects non smokers from the harmful fumes.