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A very wide list of tours are offered by SmarTours. Destinations such as China, Thailand, India & Nepal, South Africa safaris, Australia and New Zealand.

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Q: Where are the tours located offered by SmarTours?
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Why do tours are offered as part of the seminars?

Tours are offered as part of the seminars to make it a compete seminar. Not all seminars will have tours as part of the package. Only relevant tours are included for seminars.

Are there any Belfast hotels which offer tours along with room rental?

Yes. Tours are offered along with the Belfast hotel stays at their bed and breakfast packages. These are great for special days. Tours are offered by bus, taxi or by boat.

What country is Tours located in?

Tours is in central France

What products are offered by Voyages Jules Verne?

Voyages Jules Verne (VJV) specialize in worldwide escorted tours. Some of these tours include: cultural and guided tours, European river cruises, India tours, and South American tours.

Where can one go to find a guided tour of Amsterdam travel?

The company Amsterdam City Tours offers guided tours around Amsterdam. These tours are offered as walking, biking, boat, and bus tours and excursions.

In which area of France is the city of Tours located?

Tours is located in central France, slightly on the west, on the Loire river.

What kinds of tours are offered in China?

"There is a wide variety of tours that are offered in China. The most popular tour in China is to tour the Great Wall of China. City tours of Beijing are also highly recommended, as they typically include the Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square, and also the Great Wall."

Where is adler tours and safaris located in India?

Adler Tours & Safaris is located in Rajkot City, Gujarat State of India

Where are Tauck tours located?

Tauck tours are located in most large metropolitan areas and are typically run by independent contractors. Tauck tours facilities can be found in New York, Philadelphis, Los Angeles and Miami to name a few. Check your local listing for the Tauck tours facility located closest to you.

Where is the Kalahari desert and how would you get to it?

The Kalahari desert is located in South Africa. You can probably get a flight to South Africa from wherever you are, and there will be many tours offered from almost all South African airport locations.

Could you inform me about Galapagos Tours?

Galapagos tours are guided tours of the Galapagos islands which are a group of islands that contain some plants and animals found nowhere else. They are offered by various companies for various prices.

What Italian city is famous for its gondola tours?

Famed for its canals and gondola tours through those canals, the Italian city of Venice remains a destination for many travelers to the country. Currently, tours are offered on a daily basis.