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Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Google, is supporting the programming education for over 1,200 children and 30 teachers in state-run primary schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh Long and Tien Giang Provinces, in a plan that is slated to last between May and August.

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Anya Kub

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4y ago
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Shlangu Bheki

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The best way to reach your kid coding would be to use a block-based coding platform like SCRATCH to help them develop computational logic. You can subscribe to a YouTube channel made to help kids learn coding at pheth'code

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trinh pham

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4y ago

My younger brother is taking a web programming class at Sumato Academy. He seems very interested in the way he teaches in Sumato. I think you should refer to the courses in Sumato?

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Trung Chanh Vo

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4y ago

Find Out more on Sumato Academy

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Q: Where can kids learn coding/programming in Ho Chi Minh city?
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