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Schipperfabrik offers British gas mask replicas. Amazon or eBay may have some available as well as Craigslist. Dicks Army Surplus offers this product as well.

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Q: Where can one purchase a British gas mask replica?
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Where can one purchase an S10 gas mask?

You can purchase an S10 gas mask online from the Army N Navy website. Alternatively, you can also find this item available for purchase from websites such as eBay.

What is the gas mask Eli wears in the intro of The Book of Eli?

Canadian Military C3 Gas Mask which is derived from the British Light Anti-Gas Respirator.

Where can one purchase a British gas boiler?

You can purchase a British Gas Boiler online from the BritishGas website. There doesn't appear to be anywhere in-store where you would be able to purchase one, unfortunately.

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whoever said the previous answer is stupid, it dosent have a gas mask and its not gold and silver, he wears big 1930's goggles, not a gas mask. you can try to make your own or see if you can find a replica of them. He also wears a vest over a coat or something and leather gloves

When was Gas mask created?

Gas mask was created in 1914.

How much does it cost to purchase British Gas Fires?

The cost of British Gas Fires varies depending on the exact model you wish to purchase. With that in mind some of the lesser end models will run you about 175 euros.

What does a gas mask hose do?

I think it stopped gas getting in the mask...

What does a gas mask tattoo mean?

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What was a gas mask?

A gas mask is used to filter out toxic agents in the air.

What is a gas mask made out of?

The main part of the gas mask is made out of rubber.

What Gas mask does the modern German army Use?

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its a mask made for ariabians