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At the Alamo in 1836.

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Q: Where did Santa Annas army first fight the Texans?
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Why did the Texans support Santa Anna at first?

The Texans pupported Santa Anna at first because he said he will be loyal to them and bring there needs to the capitol ....... and he did but later he turned bad

What effect did the goliad massacre have on the Texans?

Well at First Texans thought of Santa Anna as sly and clever. After this, they thought of Santa Anna as Cruel. This caused the "Runaway Scrape"

What do Texans consider the first fight of the Texan Revolution?

the battle of Gonzales

What are two problems that Texans tried to solve after winning independence?

There were only two major problems that got in the Texans' way when they had finally gained their independence. The first reason is that Mexico refused to accept the treaty Santa Anna had signed to give Texas independence. The second reason was that Texas was technically bankrupt. An extra reason was that the Comanches and other Indian groups were threatening to attack some of the smaller Texan communities.

How did the Texans first go to the Alamo to occupy the Alamo during the war for independence?

The Texan army set up for battle there to suprise the Santa Anna army.

Who Led fight against Santa Anna?

first president of Texas Sam Houston

Why did Texans lose the battle of the Alamo?

The Texans lost in the Battle of Alamo because there was more Mexican soldiers. There was actually three battles and the Texans lost the first and second time. The Texans attacked Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana's army, (the Mexican president) while they were resting in there tents. The Texans defeated the Mexican forces and about 700 of there men got killed while only nin Texans died. The second battle happened in only 18 minutes.

Christ was led away to which high priest first?

Jesus was first taken to the high priest named Annas before being brought to Caiaphas.

How did the Texans respond to santa Anna's demand that they surrender when he first reached the Alamo?

Colonel Travis ordered his men to fire the fort's biggest cannon, an 18 pounder, in response.

Who won the Battle of Gonzales the Texans or the Mexicans?

Texans won the battle, this was the first battle of the war.

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Houston Texans. Carr was the Texans first round choice (and 1st overall choice) in the 2002 NFL draft and the Texans first ever draft choice.

Who was the Texans first quarterback?

David Carr