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The Seven Years' War was basically a fight to control land. The fighting took place in the Philippines, Europe, Africa, and India, as well as in North and South America.

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Q: Where did the 7 years war take place?
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How many years did the revoloutinary war take?

the rev war was 7 years long

How many years after the Proclamation of 1763 did the Boston Massacre take place?


When and where did world war 2 pearl harbor take place?

December 7 1941

What the European name for the French and Indian War?

The Seven years war

What two wars took place in north America between 1754 and 1783?

The French and Indian War (AKA the 7 Years' War) and the American Revolution.

What did europeans call the french and Indian war?

Seven years' war

How long was 7 years war?

9 years

What war was known as the 7 years war?

The cowboys and Indian war

Where did the 7 years war occcur?

The "Seven Years' War" occurred took place in 1756-1763. This world war took part in many places. These places include Europe, North America, West African coast, Philippines, and India.

What was The French and Indian War an extension of?

The 7 years war.

Did the Revolutionary war last 7 years or 6 years?

7 years from Max and Bryant

How long was the Guatemalan civil war?

20 years if you don't count the war of Prohibition (7 years)