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Polish cryptanalysts working in Warsaw, Poland first broke the German Army Enigma and built a simple electromechanical Bombe machine in spring of 1939. However when the Germans invaded on September 1, 1939 they had to flee Poland. Initially going to France, but when France was invaded in 1940 the Polish cryptanalysts went to England. There they became part of the team at Bletchley Park.

The British team at Bletchley Park had been stymied by Enigma until the Poles arrived, bringing with them a stolen German Army Enigma machine (which answered several questions the British had). Bletchley Park eventually designed larger more advanced and powerful Bombe machines which they used throughout the war to read Enigma messages.

Several times the Germans made improvements to the Enigma (especially the Navy Enigma) forcing the British to have to break the cypher again, sometimes even involving capturing another Enigma machine to see what those changes were. The most difficult change to break was the addition of a 4th rotor to the Navy Enigma, which could only be handled by the addition of a high speed vacuum tube electronic box to the side of the electromechanical Bombe machine.

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The Enigma Code was cracked by mathematicians at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire.

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Q: Where did the code breaking happen for the Enigma machine?
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Who invented ww2 code breaking machine-enigma?

enigma was the German code making machine not code breaking ultra was the code breaking machine

Who invented the world war 2 code breaking machine enigma?

The Enigma was a German code generating machine.

What was the name of the German code-making machine in ww2?

It was called the Enigma.

What did Alan Turing do during the war?

By breaking the Enigma Code.

what are some simple machine that start e?

An embroidery machine.

What does the enigma machine look like?

it is a brown wooden box with a typing machine inside, this would break the enigma code, the Germans used this machine in WW2

The major German code was broken by a copy of the decoding machine known as?

The Enigma machine.

How were codes used in history?

They were used for enigma machines. Enigma machine is a way German people sent messages in codes. A Enigma machine holds loads of codes. Enigma machines are like laptops but with massive buttons and in code form

Was the Enigma machine British?

The Enigma was the Germans' and the Ultra was the British machine. Then the British from HMS Bulldog were the first to capture the Enigma Machine from the U-110 in the North Atlantic on May 9th 1941. Then Poland helped the British to decipher the code.

When did Alan turing invented enigma machine?

Alan Turing didn't invent Enigma you complete inbacile. He cracked the code that the Germans were sending with the Enigma machine once. And it wasn't just his it was a whole team of people.

Why did they use the enigma machine in world war 2?

Arthur Scherbius invented the Enigma machine, filing his first patent in 1918. Its original intended use was for secure business communication.In the late 1920s the German military ordered two differently modified versions of Enigma machines for the Navy and Army that were intended to be more secure than the standard commercial Enigma machines.

What was a German code machine?

The Enigma Machine was a German code machine. It allowed German military to send texts in secret, but those codes were broken during WWII.