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The modern western military salute evolved from the practice of raising ones hat. The salute is used as a symbolic gesture.

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Q: Where did the modern Western military salute come from?
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Where did early explorers and settlers of Anglo American come from?

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Where does the military salute come from?

Originally the salute was not a salute but when Medieval Knights happened to cross paths they would raise the visor of their helmets in order to be identified. This developed into the hand salute. Also the sword salute is a derivative of the ancient knights in which the knight would kiss the cross-member of the sword before going into battle. The following explanation of the origin of the hand salute is perhaps closest to the truth: It was an established military custom for juniors to remove their headgear in the presence of superiors. In the British Army as late as the American Revolution a soldier saluted by removing his hat. But with the advent of more cumbersome headgear in the 18th and 19th centuries, the act of a gentleman removing his hat was gradually converted into the simpler gesture of grasping the visor, and issuing a courteous salutation. From there it finally became conventionalized into something resembling our modern hand salute. As early as 1745 (more than 250 years ago) a British order book states that: "The men are ordered not to pull off their hats when they pass an officer, or to speak to them, but only to clap up their hands to their hats and bow as they pass." Ashraf Raffa

Where did the word 'salute' come from?

The Latin word salūtāre, Which means to greet.

Is the 21 gun salute before or after the playing of TAPS?

The 21 gun salute is fired and then the playing of taps. On the first note of taps servicemen in uniform and retired servicemen come to Present Arms. (hand salute)

What is the pirpose of NATO?

The purpose of NATO is to help Western allies to come together for military purposed. NATO is designed to strengthen these allies.

What does the term twenty one guns mean?

A twenty one gun salute is a military (army and navy) honour for Heads of State. This is thought to come about for the early days of gunpowder which was very hard to keep dry on ships. So naval ships would fire a seven gun salute, which forts on land had to answer with a ratio of 3 to 1, this is where the number 21 comes from.

What is the Navy word for boarding a ship?

The term would be 'coming aboard.' You would climb the gangway or gangplank and at the top come to attention and salute the flag. Then you would salute the individual at the top and 'Request permission to come aboard."Or:It could be an embarkation.

Are the police for or against military bearing?

Uniformed law enforcement agencies are paramilitary organizations, and generally favor their officers to have military bearing or "command presence." Some are better and/or more attentive to that others. The New York State Police, for instance, come to attention and salute in the presence of a superior officer. Most law enforcement agencies do not do this.

How did the western nation come to dominate much of the world in the late 1800s?

-Europe had gained considerable power by the 1800s. -Their new economic and military strength were improved. -Political and military issues were linked to economic motives. -Humanitarian and religious goals. -Social Darwinism ideas..

Do you salute officers while crossing the ships brow?

If it is a commissioned U. S. Navy vessel and you are in uniform, at the top of the brow come to attention, face the Ensign (flag) located at the fantail or aft end of the ship and salute the Ensign. Then face and salute the Officer of the Deck on the Quarterdeck and "Request permission to come aboard Sir". If you are in civilian attire, at the top of the brow come to attention, face the Ensign (flag) located on the fantail or aft end of the ship. Then face the Office of the Deck on the Quarterdeck and "Request permission to come aboard Sir". I don't think civilian vessels stand on ceremony very much.

Many of the moral principles which influenced western democracy come from?

Many moral principles influencing Western democracy come from a variety of sources such as Greek philosophy, Roman law, Christian teachings, Enlightenment philosophy, and the ideas of modern political thinkers. These principles emphasize concepts such as individual rights, equality, justice, and the rule of law.