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Q: Where does lee surrender to grant?
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What is the causes of Lee met with Grant and agreed to surrender?

What are the causes of when Lee met Grant and agreed to surrender ?

What location did lee surrender to grant?

lee surrendered to grant at Appotamox courthouse

Where did grant surrender?

Grant did not surrender, though he lost all the early battles of the Overland Campaign. It was Grant who eventually took the surrender of Lee.

What state did Lee surrender to Grant in?


Accepted lee's surrender at appomattox?

Ulysses S. Grant

Who did general lee surrender to?

ulysses s grant

Where did lee and grant discuss lees surrender?


What city in Virginia did lee surrender to grant at?


What were the terms of Robert E. Lee's surrender to Grant?

Grant gave Lee generous terms of surrender. The Confederate Army of Northern Viginia was fed (at that time they were starving because of the Confederacy's lack of supplies), allowed to keep their weapons, and sent home. It is interesting to note that when Lee came to Appomattox Court House to surrender to Grant, Grant was so excited to meet the famous general that Lee had to remind him that they were there to arrange a surrender.

What are the causes Lee met with Grant and agreed to surrender?

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What northern general did general lee surrender to?

general grant

Who accepted the surrender of Robert E. Lee?

U.S. Grant