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Mainly horses were used in World War 2. But donkeys were used in World War 1.

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Q: Where horses or donkeys used in World War 2?
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What animals were used in the gallipoli war?

Donkeys Horses Pidgoens and Tracker Dogs

What kind of animals were in the ANZAC war?

Dogs, pigeons, horses, glow worms, elephants, parrots, oxen, pigs, cats, donkeys and camels were all used in world war 1.

Are donkeys smart?

Yes. In fact there was a scientific test during the first world war to see if they could be used in combat and as it turned out they were incredibly intelligent and manage to complete a series of puzzles and challenges including undoing a locked pack lock with their mouths. But as they are closely related to horses the tests were also carried out on horses and they were found to be even smarter and were used in many operations through out the war. , and yes donkeys are smart !:)

Who took horses to war?

Everyone in the world has used horses for war at some point in history. Horses have been an invaluable help in developing the world and in warfare.

What were horses fed in world war 1?

War is hell for everybody but the horses that were used during the war were treated well.

Are Arabians still used as War horses?

No horses are used for "war horses" anymore.

What were the donkeys used for in the gillipoli war?

they were used to carry and help the wounded.

What did horses used to get fed World War 1?

Grass and muck !

What methods of travel were used in World War 1?

horses and tanks

Why it was useful for people to use horses in world war 2?

first answer: More sophisticated weapons are used. So it seems like a mistake that horses are mentioned in a final battle where the most advanced societies are engaged in world war correct answer: Horses, mules, donkeys, camels, etc. were often used by various armies in World War Two to haul equipment & supplies. They can travel in areas that are not suitable for motorized vehicles, such as narrow mountain trails, or in heavily forested areas. If gasoline is not available or in short supply these animals can be very helpful. Alot of photos are available concerning the German Army's use of horses and the US Army's use of mules (in Italy & Burma).

How many donkeys died in world war 1?

1 million

Were Suffolk Punch horses used in World War 2 on farms?