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Most of Germany is on the east side of the Rhine River. A small part of Germany is west of the Rhine, and is called the Rhineland. The Rhineland is on the same side of the River as France, which was why the French wanted it "demilitarized" after WWI. If the Germans were forbidden by the Peace Treaty to have military units stationed in the Rhineland, it would be harder for Germany to invade France again.

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Q: Where is the Rhineland located in World War 2?
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What was Rhineland during World War 2?

Rhineland is Germany.

What invasion was called a prelude for World War 2?

invasion of rhineland by Hitler

What region did Germany annex before the start of World War 2?

Sweden Poland Austria - apex Rhineland

What region did Germany invade before the start of World War 2?

The Rhineland Poland France

What are five steps which led to World War 2?

rearmamentreoccupation of Rhineland occupation of Austria checkoslovakia Poland

What was Rhineland in World War 2?

After World War I, as part of the Versailles Treaty, Germany was forced to dimilitarize the Rhineland, an area of land between Germany and France, as a protection for France who had been invaded during WWI. At the start of WWII, the Rhineland was remilitarized on Hitler's orders, breaking the Treaty of Versailles and acting as one of the factors leading to the declaration of war.

Why was the invasion of the Rhineland important in the beginning of World War 2?

it was important because he wannted moore land lol:)

What were the events leadin upto world war 2?

Events leading up to world war 2- the reoccupation of the rhineland, the polish crisis, the Czech crisis, the anschluss, spanish civil war and Mussolini's actions in abyssinia.

What countries did Germany conquer before world war 2?

Rhineland Czechoslovakia and Poland, new york(he was playa hatin on america)

Where was one of the places that Hitler invaded near the beginning of World War 2?

The Rhineland in 1936 , the Sudetenland in 1938 , Czechoslovakia in 1939 .

A World War 2 word that starts with r?

the Ruhr Rhineland Remilitarisation Reichstag Thr 3rd Reich

Where did Hitler send the troops before World War 2?

Hitler first sent troops to: Occupy the Rhineland Auchess with Austria Annex Czechoslovakia & Invade Poland (Which Started World War Two)