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East coast of America


And Gulf of Mexico

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Q: Where is the union blockade of southern shipping?
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Where is the union blockade of southern shipping located?

the union blockade of southern shipping is located on the east coast of America

What was the cause of the Confederate leaders persuaded most southern planters to stop exporting cotton?

Because of the blockade the Union troops forced on the Southern ports. They did not want to risk the goods they were shipping to be destoryed.

Who was the Southern General of the union blockade?

general Jackson

What were the war strategies used by the union?

TO blockade southern ports

The Union Navy enforced to stop trade in Southern seaports.?

a blockade

Why did the want to blockade Southern ports?

So the union can't get through

The Union Navy enforced what to stop trade in Southern seaports?

A blockade NEW RESPONDENT The blockade and the hunting of the Confederate cruisers attacking the Union merchant ships.

Closing of the Southern ports so supplies couldn't be shipped in or out?

Union Blockade

Why did the north want blockade southern ports?

So the union can't get through

Did the Union blockade the southern ports?

Yes, throughout the entire Civil War.

What was the Union blockade of Confederate ports?

The Union Navy sent warships to stop any shipping to or from the Confederate seaports. -it was in June of 1863, and it was during the civil war. -the union blockaded all of the confederate's army and military supplies. -this blockade came to an advantage in the battle of Gettysburg.

What causes shortages for the confederacy during the war in the southern ports?

Union's naval supremacy and blockade of Southern ports.