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The Cold War is a reference to something else, not literally cold, but because no shots were ever fired. The Cold War was a race to the moon, and to who could make the most nuclear weapons fastest. Hope I helped.

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Technically speaking, the "cold war" never became "hot", because the USA and the USSR never fought a war against each other, which would have involved nuclear weapons and the end of the human race. There was fighting in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan (1980's) but, there was never a direct war between the United States and the Soviet Union.

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There had been a poster in my IB AP European History class that said "Cuban Missile Crisis: When the Cold War Got Hot." So the Cuban Missile Crisis was probably when the Cold War got hot.

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Berlin, and it almost did on several occasions.

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Cuban Missile Crisis.

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Q: Where might the cold war have been most likely to erupt into a hot war?
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