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They made no difference as to the results of the war. What CSA (Confederate States of America) Hunley did do; was make naval history, by sinking the first ship in a war with a sub.

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Q: Where submarines important in the US Civil War?
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Were submarines used during the US Civil War?

Yes, submarines were used by the Confederate Navy in the US Civil War.

Why was Fort Sumter so important to the US Civil War?

The Confederate capture of Fort Sumter was important to the US Civil War because it was the event that led to the US Civil War.

What vehicles did they use in the US Civil War?

Horses, trains, boats, ships, submarines, hot air balloons, carts, wagons.

Who were the most important people in the US Civil War?

Lincoln was a important man juring the civil war because ha stoped slavery

Why was the fifteenth amendment important during the civil war?

The 15th Amendment was not important during the US Civil War. The amendment was passed in 1870.

How many US submarines were lost in World War 2?

52 US submarines were lost in WW2. This was about 1 in every 5 submarines that the US had in WW2

What were important battles in the US Civil War and where were they located?


How the civil war led us to the study of US History?

While certainly an important event in US history, the US Civil War didn't "lead" or "start" the study of US History.

Is it true thay new technology such as rifles railroads submarines ironclad ships and hand grenades helped to make the civil war one of the deadliest in US?

What made the Civil War one of the deadliest in American history, was everyone in it was an American.

What major documents was issued during the civil war?

In the US, the most important document issued during the Civil War was the Emancipation Proclamation.

When did the US navy start to use submarines?

Officially, 1900, when U.S. Submarine Force was founded and using inventor John Holland's gasoline-powered submarine. In 1800s, submarines USS Hunley, USS Alligator served in Civil War.

Who did the US help in World War I?

The US helped France in world war 1 with submarines in the Atlantic.