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The Civil War occurred AFTER the American Revolution, so those thirteen "original" colonies had long since become STATES. At the time the Civil War broke out in 1861, there were 33 states, of which 18 were "free" states and 15 were "slave" states.

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Q: Where there only thirteen colonies when the civil war occurred?
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Are the thirteen colonies the same as the middle colonies?

No,the Middle colonies are only a part!!!!!!!!!

How any stars were on the first American flag?

there was thirteen because there was only thirteen colonies but there became more colonies and more states they added more stars.

Was Alabama part of the American Revolution?

No, it was only the original thirteen colonies.

Were there more British colonies than just the first thirteen?

No, there was only 13.

Why did the original U.S flag have thirteen stripes?

because there were only 13 colonies at the time

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What were the causes which impelled the thirteen colonies to separation?

that there was the 13 colonies and they had to only have 1 kid if they had more the kid and the 2 parents penity for havin *** they had to die

Why did the first US flag had only thirteen stars?

the 13 stars represented the 13 colonies in early America.

What did the colonists of Georgia like to do for fun'?

Because of religious freedom and that was the only state out of all the thirteen colonies that did not allow slavery.

Which of the eleven states in the New England mid Atlantic states group were not part of the original thirteen states?

Vermont was the only Northeastern state that was not one of the thirteen colonies. It was unsettled territory between New York and New Hampshire and could have become part of Canada. However, it became the first state that was not one of the thirteen colonies.

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