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When I was serving in the Army we used to wear our poppy behind the cap badge

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Q: Where to wear poppy's on a military uniform?
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What uniform did the Anglo-Saxons wear in the military?

what was the anglo saxons uniform

Do you have to wear a military uniform when you are on leave?

Depending on the unit, military personel may have to wear a uniform when leaving post and when returning. Generally though, they are not required to be in uniform unless they remain on post.

Is it appropriate to wear a military uniform to a football or baseball game?

Yes, you can wear your dress uniform at a sporting event.

If retired military can you wear uniform on vacation cruise in place of a suit?

If you retired from the military you may wear your uniform on any occasion that is appropriate and will not bring any shame to the service. A cruise would be a great place to wear a dress uniform.

What did Prince William wear for his wedding?

His Military Dress uniform.

Why do you need to wear poppys?

To remember the people who faught.

Is it proper to wear a Law Enforcement or Military Dress Uniform to a civilian's funeral?

Yes, you can - as long as you are not part of an official military burial detail or honor guard. However - in respect to the military service of the deceased, it would be honorable to wear your uniform.

Is it legal to wear a military uniform as a costume. My daughter wants to be a military officer for Halloween. She's 6. Can she wear a uniform?

I don't believe at age 6 she would be breaking any laws................

What uniform did Prince Philip wear at the royal wedding?

his military one

Can firefighters wear military medals on their uniform?

If they earned them, probably

Can retired military wear their uniform to their own weddings?

A retired military officer can wear his old uniform on a special day as republic day or independence day with his medals.

Can you wear an army reserve components achievement medal on a navy uniform?

Yes, you are allowed to wear awards from other U.S. military services on your Navy Uniform.