Where was Point 593 at the Battle of Cassino?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Point 593 was a prominent peak just above Monte Cassino on the same ridge.

This ridge was called Snakeshead Ridge. It was in the shape roughly of a boomerang and jutted out towards the north east from the monastery. In the bend or elbow of the ridge was the rocky outcrop called point 593 (593 metres above sea level). Point 593 was scene of some of the heaviest fighting of the cassino campaign with units such as US 144 infantry, 1st Bn Royal Sussex and The Gurkhas all trying to take it and finally the Polish Karpathian Division taking it from the Germans. The Polish Cassino War Cemetery is now situated on the crest of Snakeshead Ridge at the foot of Point 593 and between it and the monastery. The memorial to the Karpathian Division is at the north eastern base of Point 593.

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Q: Where was Point 593 at the Battle of Cassino?
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When did the battle of Monte cassino start and end?

The Battle of Monte Cassino started on January 17th 1944.The Battle of Monte Cassino ended on May 18th 1944.

What has the author Walter Nardini written?

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What impact did the Battle of Monte Cassino have on World War 2?

The battle of Monte Cassino had a massive impact on world war II. If the Battle of the Monte Cassino didn't happen then world war II would have gone on for much longer.

What happened on May 20 1944?

The Battle of Monte Cassino

What key actions were New Zealanders invovled with?

Answer Battle of Cassino (sepecifically the 2nd battle) New Zealand Corps was sent to Italy and moved into the line next to Cassino. General Freyberg lead the New Zealanders and it was his request to have the Abbey on Monte Cassino bombed to remove any German defenders.

What has the author Marco Marzilli written?

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When did Battle of Monte Cassino happen?

Monte Cassino refers to the WW-II battle at the monastery of Monte Casisno above the town of Cassino, Italy South of Rome and was the site of four major battles over a four month period between February and May of 1944. The historic monastery was destroyed by American aircraft after bombing the site in the false belief that German troops were using it as an artillery observation post. German troops occupied the ruble and it became even more difficult for the Allies to dislodge the defenders.

What American and German battle was fought near Rome?

Monte Cassino, Anzio, Rapido River Crossing.

What happens at Monte Cassino on the 25th April?

On March 23rd the Monte Cassino battle was over. The Germans split. So I have no idea what happen on April 25th. You can read the entire story of the Battles there at this link. Thanks.

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Who won the battle of Monte cassino?

Best thing to do with this kind of question is to look it up on Wikipedia. However, for your info, it was the Allies.

What made the battle of Monte cassino occur?

The allies were trying to get to rome and had to go through the rapido valley. it had to happen to get to Rome.