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Prussia 1876 - 1888, then Germany 1888 - 1918

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Q: Where was the 2nd German Reich?
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What is rich in German?

"Rich" in German translates to "reich."

Under Hitler's rule, what was Germany called?

The Third Reich

Who does the German word Reich mean?

The German word "Reich" translates to "empire" or "realm" in English.

What was Adolf Hitlers name For the new German empire?

Third Reich Hitler wanted to call the new German Reich.

What was the nickname for the Nazi government?

Third Reich; Greater German Reich; Großdeutsches Reich

What is a Reich?

"Reich" is the German equivalent of the English word "Empire"


the German state

The English translation for deutshes Reich?

Deutsches Reich = German Empire

Word for empire in German?


What is the German word for empire?


What was hitlers motivation for German expansion?

Nazi Germany and the Third Reich were Hitlers German empire names.Nazi Germany and the Third Reich were Hitlers German empire names

Why did the Nazis call themselves the third Reich?

The name Third Reich refers to the state that succeeded the Holy Roman Empire of the Middle Ages and the German Empire of 1871-1918. In German, the state was known as the Deutsches Reich(German Reich) until 1943, when its official name became Großdeutsches Reich (Greater German Reich).Although empire is a very close translation of the word Reich, the two words are not perfect synonyms. An empire implies the existence of a monarchy, while a Reich does not have a monarchy. Since the words Reich and empire have slightly different definitions, historians decided to use the German word, rather than the imperfect English translation.