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Office software is a program, or series of programs offering to ease the burden of office work. Office software is typically used to assist with office related tasks, such as timetables, graphs, sheets, charts, etc.

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The first model was in 1861, but improved models of the Gatling Gun were made in following years.

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Q: Where was the Gatling gun invented?
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Was the gatling gun used in WW1?

The Gatling gun made it's appearance on the battlefield during the American Civil war in the 1860's. Since this was invented long before WW2 started I would say that it's highly probable that a Gatling gun or some other form of mounted automatic was used in WW2.

What occurred before the Gatling gun was invented?

Before the Gatling Gun was invented, infantry stood in rank and file as they had been doing for centuries, and they tried to break the enemy line with volley fire (four shots a minute ideally) from muskets with a maximum range of 200 yards, and then they followed with a bayonet charge. The rifle should have changed all that, but generals were slow to invent new tactics for the new weapons. [The rifle only fired three shots a minute, but its range was about 600 yards.] Likewise, the impact of the Gatling Gun was less than it might have been. Custer was offered a battery of Gatling Guns before Little Big Horn, and he turned them down because they were too slow to keep up with his mounted troops. Also, the Gatling Gun required an enemy to march bravely in front of it, as the Zulu did in South Africa. Against a mounted enemy like the Boer or the Apache, the Gatling Gun had no use except as a weapon of deterrence.

What were inventions in the south for Civil War?

All of the weapons were taken from the Union. The Gatling gun was invented in the Civil War by a north Carolinian (which was in the confederacy) but was given to the Union

What did the World War 2 Gatling gun look like and how did it work?

Gatling guns evolved into machine guns prior to WWII.

What war was the first war to use a Gatling gun on helicopters?

That was the Vietnam war

Related questions

Who invented the gattling gun?

The Gatling gun (with one T) was invented by Richard Gatling, for whom it is named.

Who made the first gatling gun?

The gatling gun was invented by Richard Gatling in 1861 (it was a common weapon in the American civil war, i must add).

Who is Richard gatling?

He invented the first successful machine gun called the Gatling Gun

When was the first gatling gun invented?

The Gatling gun was designed in 1861 and patented in 1862

Why was the gatling gun named after gatling?

The Gatling Gun followed a long tradition of devices named after the person who invented / designed it.

Who was Gatling gun named after?

The inventor of the Gatling gun was Richard Jordan Gatling. The machine gun- like weapon was named after the inventor. He invented it in 1862.

Did the defenders of the Alamo use Gatling guns?

Alamo- 1836 Gatling gun- 1862 No.

Which country invented the Gatling Gun?

The Gatling Gun was invented in the USA by Dr. Richard Gatling, but other countries bought them and used them. General Gorloff who purchased them for the Russian Army renamed them Gorloff Guns, and a gatling gun is known as a gorloff gun in Russia today. Also, any machine gun or automatic cannon which now uses Gatling's principle of revolving barrels can be called a gatling with a lower case "g."

What did Richard Gatling invent in 1862?

he invented a gatling gun. i think? :D im bored.

How old is the 8 Barrelled machine gun?

the gatling gun was invented by Richard Jordan Gatling about 1861. however his gatling never really saw action during the civil war. he did not sell his gatling gun to the government until 1866, after the civil war.

What was the first machine gun ever made?

The first was the gatling gun invented in 1862

What were the inventions of Richard Gatling in addition to the Gatling gun?

Dr. Richard Jordan Gatling also invented a screw propeller, a cotton planter and a steam plow in addition to his famous Gatling gun which the US Patent office termed a machine gun. It was not a machine gun in the modern use of terms, however.