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Atomic bombs have been tested a number of times in a number of places. The first test was done above ground at 5:29:45 (Mountain War Time) on July 16, 1945 in the Jemez mountains in northern New Mexico at what is known as the Trinity site.

Small uninhabited islands and atolls, specifically Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands and the Nevada desert are just a few of the places where atomic bombs have been tested.

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I think Japan during second World War.

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Q: Where was the atom bomb tested?
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Was the atom bomb tested on an island when tested?

yes bikini atoll in the Pacific read the bomb good book

When did Russia tested its 1st Atom bomb?


What was the first place hit by an a- bomb?

The desert of New Mexico was the locaton of the first tested atom bomb.

When was atomic bomb was made?

The atom bomb was tested on july 16, 1945. The parts were made in the preceding months.

Where has an atom bomb been dropped?

The test atomic bomb was tested in Trinity New Mexico near Alamogordo. There were the two atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. The Russians tested the atomic bomb and dropped it somewhere in 1949 (trust me I cannot spell the place) and they tested others in 1951, 1953, and 1955.

Where was the atom bomb first tested and when?

White Sands NM, Jul 16, 1945

When was the atomic bomb made?

The atom bomb was tested on july 16, 1945. The parts were made in the preceding months.

When and where was an atom bomb using plutonium first tested?

Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA - 16 July 1945.

What is the first atom bomb called?

The first nuclear explosive tested was code named Gadget. July 16, 1945.The first nuclear bomb dropped was code named Little Boy. August 6, 1945.It remains unknown when the first atom bomb was created.

Where was the atom bomb first tested and where was it tested?

it was first tested in the Nevada desert, near Las Vegas just in the run up to the end of world war 2. Correction, the first atom bomb tested was at Trinity site, NM July 16, 1945 just before dawn (now inside White Sands Missile Range) on a 100 foot tall tower. The Nevada Test Site was not created until 1951.

What is stronger a nuke or atom bomb?

A nuclear bomb and an atomic bomb are actually the same thing. Both terms refer to a type of explosive device that releases energy by nuclear reactions. The power of the explosion depends on the type of nuclear reactions involved and the amount of fissile material present in the bomb.

What nicknames does Atom Bomb go by?

Atom Bomb goes by Adam Bomb.