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town-Orel and Kharkov

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Q: Where was the battle of Kursk fought what city county town continent?
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What cities were liberated in the Battle of Kursk?

As the battle was called battle of Kursk, it was fought in Kursk, USSR. So the city which was liberated by the soviets was Kursk.

Where was the battle of Kursk fought?

Russia .

Was the battle of kursk fought in Germany?

Not in Germany itself, It was fought in Kursk, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

When was the battle of Kursk fought?

During July and August of 1943.

What was the important battle fought in Russia World War 2?

Probably the Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of Kursk.

When did Battle of Kursk happen?

Kursk is located in western Russia. Battle fought on July 5 – Aug. 23, 1943 Check for location on

Where did battle of kursk take place?

Kursk is located in western Russia. Battle fought on July 5 – Aug. 23, 1943 Check for location on

When did the battle of kursk start and end?

The Battle of Kursk started on 5th July 1943. The Battle of Kursk ended on 23rd August 1943.

What countries were involved in the battle of kursk?

During World War II, the Battle of Krusk was fought. It involved Soviet Union and German forces, with a Soviet victory.

What was the location of the biggest tank battle in World War 2?

The biggest tank battle of WWII was the Battle of Kursk (5jul-23aug1943) fought between Russian and German tanks at Kursk in western Russia, on the Seym RiverOver 6000 tanks, 2 million troops, and 4000 aircraft took part in this one battle.

What is largest battle ever fought in terms of the number of people that participated?

The Battle of Kursk involved 780,900 Germans and 1,910,361 Russians. The combined forces suffered 1,066,303 casualties.

What was the biggest tank battle?

The battle of Prokhorovka, which took place during the battle of kursk (which was in fact a series of battles around the kursk area.)