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Some Jews in Poland were forced to produce those wretched triangles.

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Q: Where were holocaust badges made?
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What were the goals from the Holocaust badges?


Did everyone where badges in the holocaust?

90% of all camps had the prisoners worn their rightful badges.

What are Girl Scout badges made out of?

The badges are made of fabric. Most of the designs are embroidered on the badges but some are screen printed.

Why did they have to wear a sign in the holocaust?

The people in the holocaust who wore badges where Jewish. And they had to wear them when going outside in order to be recognised as Hitler had put in some rules they had to follow.

What was Hitler's view on the Holocaust?

He approved of the Holocaust and was the one who made the Holocaust happen.

Who makes the badges for WikiAnswers?

The official WikiAnswers badges are made by our amazing graphics artist, Denise.

What are military badges made from?

Badges varied by country, type of badge and rank of soldier. For example, high-ranking Officers could have their uniform special made. Some badges, such as pilot's badges, were silver hall-marked fabrication, not much different from jewelry. Other badges were made with nickel alloy(commonly referred to as "German silver"). US Badges for enlisted men were made of brass. The collar discs designating Branch of Service and the "US" insignia were brass, as well as the cap badge. The German badges worn on their hats were made of light-weight aluminum alloy.

Did the Jews have to buy their badges during the Holocaust?

In many places in Poland the Jews had to buy their yellow badges from the Judenrat. In some cases, when they were transported to extermination camps, they even had to pay their own fares (single 3rd class ticket)!

What is the symbol the gypsies had to were during the holocaust?

They had to wear a badge with the letter P.

What were the goals of the holocaust badges?

The goal was to make it clear what type of prisoner everyone was at a glance.

What countries were responsible for the Holocaust?

Germany is the country that made the holocaust

What are button badges made from?

tin metal