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Numbers were tattooed on people who were in the concentration camps, so they could be identified by numbers instead of names. It was a way of depersonalizing them, making them seem more like just a number, not like a real person, which psychologically would have made it easier for those who killed them to view the people as not real human beings.

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on the chest at first, then on the forearm.

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Q: Where were prisoners of the Holocaust tattooed?
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Which prisoners of the holocaust were not tattooed?


Which prisoners were not tattooed?

The only Nazi camp that tattooed prisoners was the Auschwitz group, where prisoners selected for work were tattooed. Prisoners at other camps and those sent immediately to be gassed at Auschwitz were not tattooed.

What forearm was tattooed in the Holocaust?

THe left armm was tatoooed (:

When did most western nations stopped torturing prisoners in the holocaust?

Most western nations did not torture prisoners in the Holocaust.

Where were the female prisoners in the Holocaust?

Yes there were many, many female prisoners during the Holocaust.

Were Polish prisoners tattooed in concentration camps?

In the Auschwitz group of camps (which by 1943 included 45 subcamps) prisoners used as labourers were tattoed, whether Jews or non-Jews). So this would have included the non-Jewish Polish prisoners. At other camps, the prisoners were generally not tattooed.

In what number order were Jewish prisoners tattooed in Auschwitz?

Arithmetically increasing.

Did the Flossenbürg concentration camp prisoners get a tattoo?

Yes, prisoners at the Flossenbürg concentration camp were tattooed. In many concentration camps, including Flossenbürg, prisoners were marked with a series of numbers as a means of identification. These tattoos were typically placed on the prisoner's forearm.

Why did people get tattooed during the Holocaust?

People were tattooed because it was a number that Jews were forced to wear under Hitler's rule.

How many political prisoners died during the Holocaust?

Around 200,000 political prisoners were systematically murdered during the Holocaust.

How many hours were holocaust prisoners work a day?

The holocaust prisoners worked from dusk till dawn. 12 hours a day.

What were the lucky Holocaust prisoners fed?

In the holocaust there were no lucky prisoners they got fed bread tea and soup only one meal a day