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Many communities have their own Remembrance Day Services. They normally take place at the local cenotaph. Contact you local city hall to find out when services will be held.

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Q: Where would you go for remeberance day?
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Why do you were a poppy on remeberance day?

its because

Why is remeberance day important?

its the day the war ended

How do south africans celebrate remeberance day?

By remembering

What do we do on AshWednesday to celebrate it?

u go to ur local church or chapel and you pray in remeberance of jesus

What happened on every November 11 in the UK?

It is a national holiday called Remeberance Day. It is to remember the end of World War I. It is observed much like the United States observes Veteran's Day.

What are some tips for doing make-up nice im a brunette what colors are good for me?

YOU SHOULD PICK URSELF MY GEZE! happy remeberance day everyone!

How is the Gurpurb celebrated?

Gurpurb is celebrated as a festival. It celebrates their Guru's remeberance. On the day they honor Guru Nanak and offer prayers. It is on the 24th November as that is the birthdate of Guru Nanak.

How long have we celebrated poppy day?

It's been a tradition, its to remeber all those who gave their lives to fight for our country, In any war, It's called remeberance day. I think its been a tradition scince world war 1.

What do people in the UK celebrate on 11 November?

They don't celebrate anything, but they do commemorate the end of the First Word War at 11am on this day in 1918. Remeberance Day is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth countries to remember the members of their armed forces who have died on duty since World War I.

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a Blacksmiths day would go by as waking ui\p at the crack of dawn and blacksmithing all day. a Blacksmiths day would go by as waking ui\p at the crack of dawn and blacksmithing all day.

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Many people would not like the massive crowds they would be in at the day-after-Thanksgiving Day sales, so they do not go to them.

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