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The Tet Offensive .

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Q: Which 1968 event had a major impact on the course of the Vietnam War?
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What major world event happened in 1966?

Vietnam war

What was a Major national event in 1961 1962 or 1963?

the Vietnam war had started

What were the major events of the Cold War?

a major event in the cold war was the space race

What major event took place in Walter Payton's lifetime?

MLK assaination, Man on the Moon, Vietnam War.

What are some major recourses in Vietnam?

1. Use atomic weapons 2. Invade North Vietnam 3. Leave 4. Continue on course (which was the route taken)

What major event took place by 287 BC that had an impact on the classes of Rome Explain?

I'm not doing your homework for you.

Who were the people infuenced by the Vietnam war?

In order of major impact; the Vietnamese people, the US, Australians, and the world involved with the cold war in general.

What was a major political consequence of the Vietnam war?

What was a major political consequence of the Vietnam War

How did a local struggle in Vietnam turn into a major event of the Cold War?

Two different topics/questions here; "Local Struggle..." and "Major event of the cold war..." 1. The VN War wasn't a local struggle. It involved the world powers and potential atomic war. 2. Any SHOOTING war during the cold war was a major event.

What are some major rivers or lakes in Vietnam?

major rivers of Vietnam is the Mekong River

What was the major political consequences of the Vietnam war?

What was a major political consequence of the Vietnam War

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