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Q: Which 4 people want the US to go to war and what are their reasons?
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Why did the US want to be neutral in 1929?

They did not want to ever fight in a war like World War 1 ever. That was a brutal and senseless war. It did not solve anything and the reasons for the war were so convoluted the poor soldiers didn't even understand why they were fighting for the Aristocracy and the Monarchs. So the American people demanded "No More War."

What are some Immoral reasons about the Vietnam war?

During the "COLD WAR"; the Vietnam War was immoral to most people...who believed that war was "immoral" to begin with. Example: During WWII, which was a "clear case" of self defense (the Pearl Harbor Attack), people in the US still protested US involvement in that war. The "...reasons about the Vietnam War", would be the same; war is immoral, for those that choose to believe it. For many people there is NO JUSTIFICATION for war.

What are the main reasons people want to become us citizens?

to earn money be with family have freedom

Why wasn't the US involved in World War 2?

The US is not obligated to take sides in every war. If Germany and France want to go to war with each other, that is not necessarily the problem of the US. Remember that wars generally kill lots of people and cost lots of money; if you can avoid them it is a good idea. Why would anyone want to die in a war if they don't have to? Of course, once the US itself was attacked (by the Japanese, at Pearl Harbor) then the reasons for going to war became much more compelling.

Why did the government want people to buy US war bombs?

bin laden

What was uncovered that showed Americans that the US government misled the people and Congress about the reasons for the Vietnam War?

Pentagon papers

Was the us the first to join the league of nations?

The US never joined - the people didn't want to. (1 of the reasons it failed was theis lack of US support)

Why did the us didn't want to stop World War 2?

The American people did not want to get involved in a European War. The USA wanted to practice isolation.

Why did the US want to stay out of World War 1?

The US didnt want war

What are three major reasons for the US not to bomb Japan during World War 2?

it would kill many people

What did us want after World War 2?

World peace and freedom for all people.

What were some Reasons against the Korean war?

Many people in the US wanted to use nuclear weapons, other wise...don't fight the war at all!