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Q: Which Warsaw Pact country was isolated from ther Warsaw Pact countries?
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What do all the Warsaw pact countries have in common?

All the countries involved in the Warsaw Pact were communist states.

What do all of the Warsaw Pact countries have in common?

All the countries involved in the Warsaw Pact were communist states.

The agreement between several communist countries to form an alliance was the .?

The Warsaw Pact was the largest of several alliances of Communist countries.

What was the name of alliance of Eastern European Communist Countries?

fly at night

What Warsaw pact countries shared a border with a nonaligned country and a NATO member?

the mexicans crew

How many more nations were members of NATO than of the Warsaw Pact?

There were four more member nations of NATO than of the Warsaw Pact. NATO consisted of 12 countries, while the Warsaw Pact consisted of only 8 countries.

What was the alliance formed by Eastern European countries under the control of the Soviet Union?

The Warsaw Pact was the alliance that was made by communist Eastern European countries that the Soviet Union controlled. It was a military alliance that was formed in 1955, during the Cold War.

How did the soviet union respond to the creation of NATO?

In response to NATO, The Soviet Union eventually went on to form what was known as the Warsaw Pact. This was an agreement within Soviet Countries that if someone were to attack one of them within the Pact, it would be considered an attack on ALL of them.

What country was a former Warsaw Pact member?


Which country withdrew from the Warsaw pact in 1968?


Warsaw pact nations invaded what country?


What Warsaw Pact countries border on Greece?

Albania and Bulgaria