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In Germany it was the Reichswirtschaftsamt (RWA).

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Q: Which World War 1 agency was in charge of war production?
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What was the wpb and what did it do?

The WPB, or War Production Board, was established in the United States for the purpose of supervising war production during the Second World War. It was created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

What government agency factory production during the war?

War production board ~Katherine :D

What federal government agency was created to prevent strikes during World War 2 in order to stop any disruption of wartime production?

Your mom did it

What was the Production Budget for World War Z?

The Production Budget for World War Z was $190,000,000.

What statement is the best description of the War Production Board?

The War Production Board ensured the efficiency of production to keep war materials moving to the battlefronts.

Weak federal agency designed to organize and coordinate US industrial production for the war effort?

war industries board

Who was in charge when Hitler was in World War 2?

Who was in charge of what?

What was the war production board?

TheWar Production Boardwas an agency of theUnited Statesgovernment, which supervised production for war purposes duringWorld War II.

What agency was created as a result of world war 2?


What was Douglas MacArthur in charge of in world war 2?

in charge of the jerks

How was World War 2 different from World War I?

World war two had Adolf Hitler in charge and it was about 1940s and in world war 1 it was in the 1915s

What is a war industry?

The War Industries Board was a United States government agency established on July 28th, 1917 during World War I. The organization encouraged companies to use mass-production techniques to increase efficiency and urged them to eliminate waste by standardizing products.