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Q: Which battle ended General Gates's role as leader of an army?
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Who was the general that ended the battle at Gettysburg?

The General that en ended the Battle Of Gettysburg was Robert E. Lee. He was the commander of the Confederate. He was with the south.

What battle ended general lee's attempt to capture the north?

The Battle of Gettysburg ended General Lee's attempt to capture the North.

What bloody battle ended General Robert E Lee's first invasion of the North?

The Battle of Antietam

When did Hitler lose the Battle of Stalingrad exact date please?

The Battle of Stalingrad ended on February 2nd 1945. It ended when a German general negotiated a surrender with the USSR.

What fighting ended after general Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington?

blockade :)

Who won the battle of quebec in 1759?

The battle of Quebec in 1759 ended with the French losing control of the city to the British.

Who was involved when the Civil War ended?

General Ulysses Grant and General Robert E. Lee were involved in the final battle of the Civil War.

When did Leader Magazine end?

Leader Magazine ended publication in 1970.

In Pokemon indigo when you click gym leaders and you click a gym leader you end up in a map then what do you do?

When you click a gym leader and you ended in a map, you see a trainer that has red around it. That's the gym leader. Click the gym leader then click battle.

What battle is most responsible for winning Texas its freedom from Mexico took place?

The decisive battle for Texas independence from Mexico was the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836. It ended with General Santa Anna of Mexico surrendering to General Sam Houston.

What battle ended the Punic wars?

what battle ended the third punlc war

What U.S. general was killled at the battle of Little Bighorn?

None. Custer was a colonel at the time of his death. He was a general during the Civil War, but as most were, was reduced in rank after hostilities ended.