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Gettysburg was the only battle fought in Pennsylvania.

And Antietam (Sharpsburg) was the only significant battle fought in Maryland.

Every other battle of any consquence was in Southern territory.

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Q: Which battles of civil war were fought on Union Territory?
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Was the civil war was fought mostly on northern territory?

No. According to, the majority of the battles were fought in Virginia and Tennessee.

How many battles were fought in the union in the civil war?

In the civil warwas fought in the states of Maine New Jersey New York Maryland and penn. state there battles were 6 there were only 6 battles yet oen of the deadlist

Did any civil war battles take place in union territory?

Yes--Gettysburg, for one.

How did the civil war end were there any battles in Boston?

General Lee surrendered to the Union at Appomattox Courthouse after the Union had taken much of the South. Many rebels continued to fight until eliminated and others took an oath to the Union. Some continued on to be outlaws, and the KKK was born as well. Boston, to my knowledge, was not the place of any battles. Most battles were fought in Southern territory.

How many states fought with the Union in the Civil War?

There were 23 states that fought on the side of the Union during the Civil War.

Were there civil war battles fought in Florida?

Yes. Civil War battles were fought in all 11 Confederate states.

Was the civil war mostly fought on the northeran territory?

No, The Civill War was fought mostly in the South East of the U.S. Some battles as far up as Virginia and Mass.

What 3 union states were civil war battles fought?

Pennsylvania (Gettysburg), Maryland (Antietam), and Kentucky - to name three.

True or False Most Civil War battles were fought in the south?

True. The majority of the Civil War battles were fought in the South.

How many battles were fought in Delaware during the civil war?

No land battles were fought in Delaware.

In the civil war which side was most destroyed?

In the Civil War, most of the destruction was suffered by the Confederate States because few battles were fought in Union States.

Why were so few battles during the civil war not fought on northern soil?

So few battles were fought on the northern soil because of the defensive strategy carried on by the Confederacy. Furthermore the main objective of the Federal Government were the restoring of the Union and that meant that the Northerners had to defeat and erase the Confederacy, thus compelling them to invade and conquest the Rebel's territory.