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This question is really an opinion, but I would say that it would have to be Greece because Greece layed down the foundations for both of the other civilizations. Actually no, it didn't. Greece was a Democracy where the people ran the government and Rome was actually a Republic with representatives. Considering the U.S. government is a Democratic Republic, I would have to say Rome and Greece influenced the country's government.

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Greece is the greatest influence on America because Greece made democracy first and rome came from Greece so it is all the same

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i hope the greeks.?

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Q: Which civilization had the greatest impact on the US government Greece Rome or Western Europe?
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Greece is not considered the birthplace of civilization by most historians. The birthplace of civilization would be Mesopotamia. Greece is, however, called the birthplace of Western civilization, since most of the Western nations (like the nations of Western Europe, the United States, Canada, etc.) got their ideas of philosophy, government, and art from Greek civilization.

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