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The French and Indian War was the colonial war that occurred first.

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first Continental Congress

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Q: Which colonial was occurred first?
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What colonial war occurred first?

king george

Period of religious revival in the early colonial period?

The Great Awakening was the religious revival in the early Colonial period. The Great Awakening actually occurred over several time periods, with the first happening in the 1730's.

Which colonial war occurred first?

i think it is when lexington and concord fought. You can look up new hampshire history and see if it is there too!

How were the American Indian largely responsible for the success of European settlement?

Native americans had nothing to do with the world's first colonial settlements, the first of which in modern recorded history occurred in the Canary islands, by the Spanish.

What are some important events that occurred in colonial New York?

The trial of John Peter Zenger was an important event in colonial New York.

When was First Colonial High School created?

First Colonial High School was created in 1966.

What events in the thirteen American Colonies occurred Last in 1775?

Colonial minutemen and British troops clash at Lexington

What was the first vegatable grown in colonial Maryland?

It is not known what the first vegetable was that was grown in colonial Maryland. Many vegetables were grown in colonial Maryland such as corn and squash.

Where did the rum rebellion happen?

The Rum Rebellion occurred in Sydney, New South Wales, during its early colonial years.

Why did eureka battle begin?

The Eureka Stockade, or battle, occurred on December 3, 1854. It was between the miners and the colonial authority. The rebellion occurred due to taxation, the actions of the government, and the cost of a Miner's License.

In 1652 the first colonial mint?

yes the first colonial mint opened in 1652 but the first coins produced where only made for four months.

What type of services are offered at Colonial First State?

Colonial First State offered services around banking, superannuation and retirement products for both individual and company. Colonial First State was founded in 1988 in Australia.