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Q: Which concept is represented in these World War 1 recruiting posters?
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What patriotic uncle become a famous symbol during world war 2 on recruiting posters?

The USA used Uncle Sam on their recruiting posters.

Who made World War 2 recruiting posters?

During World War 2, governments and military agencies in various countries commissioned artists and designers to create recruiting posters. Some famous examples include the posters produced by the United States government featuring artists like Norman Rockwell and James Montgomery Flagg. In the United Kingdom, the Ministry of Information was responsible for producing recruiting posters, while in Germany, propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels oversaw the production of Nazi recruiting posters.

What patriotic uncle became famous symbol in world war 2 on recruiting posters?

Uncle Sam

What patriotic became a famous symbol during World War 2 recruiting posters?

"Uncle Sam" .

Who made the Britain Needs You poster?

The artist of "Britain Needs You At Once" (St. George and the dragon) is unattributed, but these World War I recruiting posters were commissioned by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee.

What did uncle sam do in World War 2?

He was a fictional character. He was depicted on recruiting posters as being the ideal patriot that would die for hist country.

What kinds of Wartime posters would have been seen in the US during World War 2?

US Military recruiting posters, such as, "Gee, I wish I were a man...I'd join the Navy!" Or security minded posters, such as, "Loose Lips Sink Ships!" The most famous was the "I Want You" poster of Uncle Sam pointing a finger at the obserer.

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Why were posters for World War 2 created?

They made posters so the village can learn from them.most posters at that time were about gas masks.

Where can one find World War 3 posters?

A large selection of World War 3 posters can be found at Zazzle. There are many different sizes and posters can be customized with your own photos and text.

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