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all of them, we want money, we are greeding mofos :)

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Q: Which countries did the U.S. sell to including weapons and goods in World War 1 before going into the war?
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In world war 2 what countries did not use weapons?

All countries fighting in World War 2 used weapons.

Who prospered in World War 2?

Countries selling weapons and supplies to the countries at war

Which countries had the government control the production of their World War 2 weapons?

well all of em... the military budget is not decided at random you know.( they always controlled the production of their weapons and equipment before and after WW2 )

Why were weapons used in World War 2?

because the bad countries used weapons and they werent being fair

How many weapons are in call of duty world at war world at war?

27 Including pistols.

What chemicals have been banned in most countries of the world?

Chemical weapons and DDT.

What countries in the world today are known to possess nuclear weapons?

USRussiaUKFranceChinaIndiaPakistanNorth Korea

New weapons in World War I?

in world war 1 Germany introduced the use of chemical weapons for instance the Mustard Gas artillery shells, theses weapons where mainly used by countries on there side.

How many megatons of nuclear weapons in the world?

Very difficult to answer - since most countries are extremely secretive about the amount of nuclear weapons they have stockpiled.

Which countries have no nuclear weapons?

Only nine countries have confirmed nuclear weapons: United States, Russia (and several former USSR countries), United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, and Israel. All of these have conducted known nuclear tests except for Israel. All other countries of the world do not have known nuclear weapons. To see a breakdown of how many weapons each of these countries is believed to have, see the "related links" below.

How many countries have adhered to the world heritage convention?

187 countries as on 2010...that means these countries adhere to protect the world heritages including their other duties.what are the names of the countries

How do atomic weapons impact the balance of military power in the world today?

Atomic weapons impact the balance of military power in the world today in the sense that produce a sense of fear in the countries that have weak militaries.