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Britain, Germany and France all used tanks in WW1. The British had them first and had the most.

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Britain, France, Germany built them. The US and other countries used them.

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Britain, France, US, Germany.

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Q: Which countries in world war 1 used tanks?
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Did world war 1 have tanks?

Yes, world war 1 had tanks. World War 1 was the introduction of battle-ready tanks used in war.

How were the tanks used in World War 1?

the tanks were used in world war one as tracked aromerd fighting vechile

Who use the tank in World War 2?

Pretty much every major allied and axis country with the acception of China used tanks in World War 2. The main countries which used tanks on a huge scale were the Germans, Soviets, US and Britain.

In which war were tanks first used?

It was World War 1.

Did ww1 and World War 2 have tanks?

Yes, both world wars used tanks.

What amphibious tanks were used in World War 1?

There were no amphibious tanks used in WW1. Tanks were only used in the late World War, and they were not technically advanced enough to be amphibious. For "the late" substitute "the latter part of", and add "1" after "War".

What countries used the microphone and receiver Headgear in their tanks in World War 2?

how am i supose to know that's the question I'm asking

How many Canadian Tanks were used during World War 2?

Canada only had 4,601 tanks in World War 2.

What was the first countries to use tanks in World War 1?

Great Britain

Were tanks used in world war 3?

It is thought that World War III will be a nuclear war.

How was the tanks used in world war 2?

In World War 2, tanks were mainly used in the European theatre. In the European theatre, the Allies used tanks mainly for attacking and reinforcing infantry, whereas, with the clever Germans, they used Tanks as single divisions, offence and defence (defending the area they conquered during World War 2. along with this the Germans used tanks to weaken the Allied defences very quickly.

What are Tanks used for in world war 1?

Killin people