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All of the oceans were involved in World War 2.

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The primary enemy naval combatant was the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) against Britain, US, Australia, etc.

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Q: Which countries were fighting at sea in World War 2?
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Where did the countries in World War 2 battle?

Land, sea and air were the arenas used.

What African country on the Red Sea became independent immediately after World War 2?

There were many African countries that became independent immediately after World War 2. This was because the European countries that had ownership over the African countries were broke after the war and had no more money to deal with rebuilding the African countries.

Why are you fighting over sea for?

Global war against terrorism.

Around which body of water did the greatest number of new countries emerge after world war 1?

baltic sea

What events occurred in the fighting at sea and near the Great Lake?

a war

Why were World War I and World War 2 called 'World' Wars?

It's called WW2 because it was the second world war to have happened. It, at the end, had involved over 70 countries, which included us. And those 6 countries above, yeah, they were not the only ones involved, nor are they, combined, close to half the world. However, they were indeed in WW2 along with the other nearly 70 countries.

What are the flattest countries in the world?

the sea

Where World war 1 battle place?

Most of the fighting was in Europe. There was only 1 major Naval battle, in the North Sea, called Jutland or the Skaggerak, in 1916. There was also fighting in the Middle East & in Africa.

How many sea countries in the world?


Where did Wold War 2 take place at?

World War 2 was the most widespread war in history, but the fighting was most heavy in Europe, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Mediterranean Sea, North Africa, and East Asia.

How many men did Serbia have during World War 1?

The Kingdom of Serbia had 707,343 men fighting in World War I.

What links the World War 1 war at sea with the war on land?

Transporting war material across the sea; convoys.