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people from 685 were born with anti-sydrome and they had heaps of pimples then the pretty kids will mock them that how they came to start a war

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Q: Which countries were involed in world war 1?
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Which countries were involved in the scramble for Africa World War I?

Europeans (APEX)

How did the Us get involed in world war 1?

Because the russans were are allys

Why did the US get involed with World War 1?

because the russans were allys

Who were the last to countries in the World War I?

France and Germany were the last two countries in World War 1.

What countries were defeated in World War I?

what countries wre defeated in world war 1

What isWorld War 1?

world war 1 is the first world war. Nearly all countries were involved in the fighting. The Major countries were Germany France and Brittan

Did the same countries get involved in World War 1 and World War 2?


How did the World War 1 and World War 2 start?

the countries were fighting over toys

How many countries were disappeared after world war 1?

192 countries disapeared

Which country was Canada in war with in world war 1?

canada was at war with a lot of countries

What countries did Germany and Japan conquer in World War 1?

You got the war wrong..... IT was world war 2

Why did world war 1 spread to more than just 2 countries?

If it spread only to 2 countries, then it wouldn't be a world war, that would be a normal war.