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World War I was a WORLD war, it involved most of the world's great powers and more than 2 countries. It was fought by two opposing alliances: the Allies (United Kingdom, France, and the Russian Empire, Belgium, Serbia, Italy, Japan, Greece, Romania and the United States) against the Central Powers (Germany, Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria). The winners were the Allies.

The Allied Powers of World War I won. World War I was won by an alliance called several different things. Among those names are The Allied Powers, The Entente Powers and The Triple Entente. The primary members of this alliance included France, Russia, Britain, Italy, and the United States.

Philosophically wars do not have winners, as everyone suffers some loss. However, the United States, Great Britain and France most definitely won the 1st World War. They imposed very dire consequences on Germany.

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particularly..... Germany,Italy,Brazil and US won World War 1 because the others werent in the first time but were in the second so they all got disqualified

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Q: Which countries won World War I?
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When did World War 1 begin and end witch countries won?

world war one started in 1914 and the allies won

50 countries have won in World War 2 or not?


Which countries won during World War 2?

The countries that won during World War 2 are Untied States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union (now Russia), France, and China.

Who lost in World War I?

Germany and the countries which were on its team. England and its supporters won .

What was gained by World War 2?

one thing was that all the countries were still free, as if Germany had won the war the countries would have be run by the NAZIS.

How was World War 2 like World War I?

the united states entered the war late on both world war 1 and world war 2 they involved most of the same countries they both affected the world greatly they both involved many countries the allied powers won both

What was the us envolvment in the eurpoien theater in World War 2?

the US won the war by smashing the Nazi's and freeing the European countries.

What countries held the victory of World War 1 And what did they want the world to look like?

Countries that won the war were: France, the UK, Italy and the US (and all the other countries accept Russia that fought for the Entente Powers). They wanted the world to develop the Europian way, which we can now watch on the EU countries

What country or countries won the war?

For World War 1: the US, Britain and Commonwealth, France, Russia and Japan. For World War 2: the US, Britain and Commonwealth, France and the Soviet Union.

When was the World War 2 and who win the World War 2?

World War two was a major war in human history. It lasted about 6 years, many countries were involved. Mainly divided into Allies and Axis. The Allies side won the war.

What countries have not won a world cup?

Many have not won it, but let us say only eight countries have won it.

Did the allies play roll in World War 2?

The allies of Great Britain, Russia, United States and other countries won World War 2 by defeating Germany and Japan.