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The United States was the nation that emerged from World War 1 as the greatest world power. By remaining neutral for most of the war and the land-lease act the United States was able to leave the war with more power than before.

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No country emerged as a world power after World War I. Most think the answer is the US, however, this is not true. The US did not emerge as a world power until the end of World War II. The US was a superpower prior to WWII, and even WWI, but not yet a world power.

There is a difference between a world power and a superpower (or great power). A world power is a country who exerts its power over the globe and influences many nations by doing so. For example, Great Britain was a world power due to its vast empire.

A superpower is one who is also a powerful country, although not as powerful or influential as a world power, and typically only has influence within its region. For example, Austria-Hungary was considered a superpower, but not a world power. This is because Austria-Hungary had no influence outside of Europe.

The US became a superpower during the American Civil War, when its army and navy were immensely built up. In addition, the US was dramatically expanding its borders across the North American continent and was eventually present in the Pacific, the Caribbean, and the Far North as well. The US also fought a few wars, one with a considerably powerful country who had a large empire: Spain, in which the US won. So at this time, the US was only a superpower because its influence did not have a great affect outside its region. The US was also an isolationist country, where they did not participate in foreign affairs. Even after its victory in WWI, the US continued to portray an isolationist attitude and remained neutral in the beginning of WWII, as it did in WWI. However, after its victory in WWII, the US decided that it must participate in foreign affairs to better the world and spread democracy. That is when the US became a global power: when it combined its strength with its foreign affairs and potential influence.

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Answer this question… The United States

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Q: Which country became a world power after world war 1?
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