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Political pressure from Great Britain and France

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Political pressure from Great Britain and France (Apex 2021)

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Q: Which factor most contributed to Russia's provisional government continuing the country's involvement in World War 1 after the Russian Revolution of 1917?
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When was Continue the Revolution created?

The Continuing Revolution was created in 1968.

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Zvi Ankori has written: 'The continuing Zionist revolution'

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permanent revolution is the state or condition, envisaged by Leon Trotsky, of a country's continuing revolutionary progress being dependent on a continuing process of revolution in other countries. Mao wanted a permanent revolution because In Mao's eyes, only permanent revolution, an atmosphere of constant revolutionary fervor, could enable the Chinese to overcome the past and achieve the final stage of communism

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Their ultimate aim is a 36 county Ireland, and they seek to achieve this by disrupting the ongoing peace process in Northern Ireland, and continuing a terrorist campaign started in the 1970s by the Provisional IRA during the Troubles.

When did the Russian Revolution happen?

There were two Russian Revolutions in 1917. In the February Revolution, the people of Petrograd broke out into demonstrations against Tsar Nicholas II and his handling of the country, specifically the running of the war, continuing food shortages and unfair distribution of land. Tsar Nicholas II was unable to restore order and was convinced to abdicate the throne. A Provisional Government headed first by Prince Georgy Lvov and later by Alexander Kerensky was set up until a Constituent Assembly could be seated to write a new constitution.In the October Revolution, the Bolsheviks under Lenin, staged a military coup and overthrew the Russian Provisional Government which had been formed after the Tsar had abdicated. They took power for themselves and changed their name to Communists.The "Russian Revolution" that everyone is familiar with occurred in 1917. It consisted of two separate rebolutions, the February Revolution and the October Revolution.The "Russian Revolution" that everyone is familiar with occurred in 1917. It consisted of two separate rebolutions, the February Revolution and the October Revolution.

How was the industrial revolution industrial?

The Industrial Revolution started in England during the 18th century when machines began to replace manual labor in many industries. It spread through much of the world starting in the 19th century and is still continuing in undeveloped countries. TRUE!

Why was it hard for Germany to send Lenin back to Russia?

Germany sent Lenin back to Russia hoping that he would foment further revolutionary activity in Russia so that Russia would withdraw from fighting Germany in World War I. The February Revolution of 1917 had already taken place while Lenin was in Switzerland. Despite this revolution overthrowing the Tsar, the Provisional Government acting in place of the Tsar was still committed to fighting Germany in the war. The Germans knew that most Russians wanted to end their involvement in the war, so the German High Command sent Lenin back to Russia hoping he would destabilize the government and disrupt the army and perhaps even lead another rebellion. Germany even funded Lenin and his Bolshevik Party to some degree. Lenin led the October Bolshevik Revolution, ousted the pro-war Provisional Government and entered into the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with the Central Powers ending Russia's involvement in the war. Germany got what it wanted: an end to the war on the Russian front and the ability to move many divisions of soldiers to fight the French, British and Americans on the western front.

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The industrial revolution is the name is given to the massive social, economic, and technological changes starting in the latter part of 18th century and continuing into the 19th century. It began in Great Britain but spread to North America and elsewhere during the 19th century. The industrial revolution started as the manual-labor and draft-animal-based economy moved towards a machine-based manufacturing economy.

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