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The Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

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Q: Which famous historical figure was the inspiration behind the band Franz Ferdinand?
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Ferdinand magellen is famous for --- the gobe?

Ferdinand Magellan is famous for circumnavigating the world.

Why was Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand famous?

why was king Ferdinand and queen Isabella famous

Why is Ferdinand famous?

Archduke Francis Ferdinand is famous for his murder starting World War 1.

What famous body of water is named after Ferdinand Magellan?

a: the Pacific Ocean was named after Ferdinand Magellan the famous explorer.

Is ferdinand magellan a famous or infamous?

he is famous

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King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were famous for sending Columbous on his expidition

Why is Archduke Ferdinand famous?

Archduke Francis Ferdinand is famous for his murder starting world war 1.

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Ferdinand and his wife, Isabell of Castile, were famous for sending Columbus on an expedition to the 'New World'

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What the name of the famous explorer whose crew mutinied near Argentina was Ferdinand?

Ferdinand Magellan

What was King Ferdinand of Romania-Hungary famous for?

Ferdinand (1865-1927) was the king of Romania, not of Hungary.