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a town in Germany is hamburg which is closely link to the food item hamburger. so the answer is .... hamburger

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Q: Which item of food is named after a town in Germany?
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Was there or is there a town named Bien in Germany?


Why is the Rottweiler named after Rottweil in Germany?

The Rottweiler is named after Rottweil< Germany because that is were it originated.

The burger dish is of which country?

Germany, the hamburger is named after the town in Germany, hamburg.

Was there a small town named Bastogne in Germany during World War 2?

No. Bastogne is in Belgium.

Seltzer is Wasser Selterser named for the town of Selters which is in which country's Hesse-Nassau region?


How much ham should be present in a ham burger?

None. Hamburgers are named after the town of Hamburg, Germany. They do not contain ham.

What type of food is served at Contigo?

The food served at the Contigo restaurant is a mixture of both Spanish and Catalan where every item of food is cooked by using the local ingredients in town groceries.

What is the element darmstadtium named after?

The name of the artificial chemical element darmstadtium is derived from the name of the town Darmstadt (Germany) where this element was discovered.

Is there a town named Piedmont in Utah?

No, there is not a town named Piedmont in the state of Utah. However, there is a town named Piedmont in the state of Wyoming.

What town was named after Hermione daughter of Menelaus?

The town was named Ermioni

Is the burger really American?

It was invented at a state fair in Wisconsin in 1885 and named after the town on Hamburg, Germany so yes it really is American.

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