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Q: Which nation declined economically after World war 2?
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What nation declined economically after World War 2?


What country declined economically post world war 2?

Soviet union

What nations declined econmically after World War 2?

he countries which was effected economically after the war was: France, Nazi Germany and the United Kingdom. Most all countries in Europe which contributed or was involved the war suffered economically.

How did the battle at Fort Sumter affect the nation economically and politically?

well it did not really affect the nation economically but it started the Civil War

Which section of the nation was economically dominant after the Civil War?

the north

What was incompatible politically and economically after world war 2?

Colonialism and Communism

Did Austria Hungary become on nation after World War 1?

Austria Hungary did not become one nation after World War 1.

Why was influenza pandemic of 1918 a significant event following world war 1?

It prevented Europe from socially or economically recovering from the war

World war 1 which country was the us tied to politically and economically?


What two countries came out economically strong after World War 1?

the asmerfrangersmi

Why was the US in a position to help economically after world war?

Because the war had not been fought on American soil.

What is the plan that helped Europe economically recover after World War 2?

Marshall Plan