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The bordering countries of Laos & Cambodia were neutral.

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Q: Which nations remained neutral during the Vietnam War?
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Which countries remained neutral?

During World War I, Switzerland, Spain, and the Scandinavian nations remained totally neutral.

What nations remained neutral during the war?


Which nations remained neutral during World War 2?

Spain, turkey, and Sweden >>>>>>FOR A+ STUDENTS

What are countries called who remained neutral during the war?

They are called neutral nations. These countries were neutral during World War 2: Spain, Norway, Portugal, Ireland, and Switzerland.

Which countris were in favor of the north of vietnam war?

Warsaw Pact nations, the USSR, and Red China supplied equipment to North VN. Obviously they supported North Vietnam. Neutral nations such as France, Great Britain, Canada, Central America, South America, etc. etc. etc. may have expressed "favor" for the North, but they remained neutral during the war.

Of these nations which remained neutral during World War 2?

In Europe, the nations that managed to remain neutral were Sweden, Spain and Switzerland. In Africa, all countries were linked to either Italy, France or Britain so none of them remained neutral. The Latin American countries remained largely neutral. Asian countries were practically all dragged into the war, either because they were invaded by Japan or because they were colonies of Japan or one of the Allied nations.

What is the difference between Cambodia and Laos during the war in Vietnam?

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Who remained neutral during the civil war?


Was Thailand neutral during the Vietnam war?

Fought with the allies in South Vietnam.

What northern European nation remained neutral during World War 2?

Switzerland remained neutral through both world wars.

What people remained neutral during the civil war?


What was the actions of Quakers during the revolutionary war?

Remained neutral