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France. Apex

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The four major allies were USA, UK, France and Russia. There were other allies and all took part. After Germany surrendered, each of the 4 countries were responsible for maintaining martial law. The country was divided into 4 sections and so was Berlin. Germany was still expanding the territory it controlled. No country occupied any part of Germany until 1945.

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France >>> apex

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Q: Which of these countries invaded Germany in world war II?
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What countries were invaded by France during World War 2?

Germany invaded France during World War II.

What neutral countries invaded germany?

There were some countries that were neutral during World War 2 that invaded Germany. These countries included the United States and Sweden.

Which of these countries was invaded by germany in world war ll?

Hungary and Italy

What did germany do to make the other countries join world war 2?

The Germans invaded several countries.

What were the first two countries to declare war on Germany in World War 2?

England and France declared war on Germany after Germany, (and Russia), invaded Poland.

What two countries were the first to declare war in Germany in World War 2?

England and France declared war on Germany after Germany, (and Russia), invaded Poland.

What countries invaded Germany during world war 2?

England, the US and Russia

What countries did Germany invade?

In the Thirties, Germany occupied Austria and, later, Czechoslovakia. On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland, which triggered World War II. Germany then invaded numerous other countries including most of Europe and north Africa.

What countries was invaded by Germany in world war 1?

France, Belgium & Russia

Did the Nazis start World War 2?

The Nazis invaded Poland and this was the start of World War 2. Other countries declared war on Germany because of what they did to Poland and because he violated the Treaty of the Versailles.

Why did Germany invade the countries that Germany invaded?

In war -to the victors go the spoils !!.

Who invaded Poland?

Germany during ww2, Sweden in 1655In World War 2 Poland was invaded by Germany.